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Facial recognition tests clear Tariq Ramadan

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Three recent facial recognition tests prove the second plaintiff, Paule Emma Aline, was in attendance at Tariq Ramadan’s lecture on October 9, 2009, the same moment she claims to have been sequestered in a hotel room.

Two advanced facial recognition technologies were used by experts through computer software and manual morphology analysis.

All three tests confirm it was Paule Emma Aline who appeared in a photo taken of the conference attendants, with 75% reliability, according to the expert of the first report, a security and defense agency.

The other two experts used morphological facial recognition, a technique by which experts calculate facial morphology manually to identify similarities and differences.

This technology uses strict methodology and is certified according to international standards for the calculation of facial features.

The conclusion in these reports makes it clear that Paule Emma Aline has common traits with the person in the audience.

These reports show "there are several corresponding similarities between the two. The images make it possible to stipulate with a moderation index - due to the images’ quality “- that the person A is the person B," concludes one of the two experts in his report.

As part of the investigation, Paule Emma Aline provided poor quality photos of herself, complicating the morphological analysis.

"Although labial morphology and nasal anatomy are visible in person A's images, the picture’s quality is not sufficient to allow commenting on finer details," said one expert.

Nevertheless, two of the experts exclude the possibility that it cannot be Paule Emma Aline and declare there to be a high probability that it is indeed the plaintiff.

These conclusions are in line with Tariq Ramadan’s statements, and discredits accusations of rape and sequestration by Paule Emma Aline.

These findings add onto other indisputable evidence including old text messages sent by Paule Emma Aline, particularly about this conference in question where she wrote: "I will make myself very small in the audience".

What now?

The second plaintiff, Henda Ayari’s complaint has also collapsed, following, among other things, the discovery of numerous pornographic text messages she sent to the intellectual. She harassed him during several months before and after the alleged rape.

Today, it is Paule Emma Aline’s turn to deal with this new evidence.

"These findings establish the plaintiff attended the conference, while claiming she was sequestered in a hotel room. It is indisputable proof  she is lying," said Emmanuel Marsigny, Tariq Ramadan’s lawyer.

Marsigny has requested charges against his client be dropped and dismissal of Professor Tariq Ramadan’s indictment will be examined soon.

These new elements may change the status of Paule Emma Aline and Henda Ayari from plaintiffs to accused.

Dimitri Martin